Episode 7: Managing creative teams remotely

Dom Hawes | May 22, 2020

Nurturing creative teams under lockdown is hard – creative people work best surrounded by others. So how the hell do leaders manage creative teams remotely? We know you’re all sick to death of Covid-19 podcasts, but Greentarget‘s Jeff Watt and Dafina Grapci-Penney bring new ideas. This is an excellent listen!

Key podcast takeaways

  1. More senior staff aren’t experiencing the same discomfort and isolation as career starters
  2. Regular video contact and scheduled calls bind the team. Do minimum two team calls a week; a look forward on Monday and a look back on Friday
  3. Leaders need to be active members of their teams, not aloof
  4. Trust your teams and let them work flexi-hours. Focus on outcomes not hours
  5. Start planning and communicating what ‘back to workplace’ might look like. Think hybrid models
  6. Client relationships should be strengthened if teams do lockdown well

“People feel they can’t take a break at all in case a call comes through. They think if they don’t answer a call immediately that we’ll think they’re not working. Of course that’s not the case. We know they are working because we see their output.

Jeff Watt, Greentarget

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Dom Hawes

Dom has spent nearly thirty years as a marketer starting his career in creative communications agencies before starting a business which he built it from the ground up and exited in 2009. He then consulted to tech and service companies before putting Selbey Anderson on the launch pad. Today, he leads development of the group strategy, M&A and performance. 

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