Episode 10: Marketing agency M&A – what you need to know

Dom Hawes | August 21, 2020

As agency owners go through strategic planning for the year ahead, selling or maybe even buying have to be options? But, in a market where only one in ten business listed for sale make it to completion, how do get to the truth? We chose to speak to Lucas Weston’s Howard Weston because he tells it how it is.

This podcast has some awesome and very direct advice for agency owners and senior managers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Covid-19 has caused many agencies to lock down the hatches and focus on survival instead of keeping their eyes open for opportunities
  2. If you had a plan to buy or sell a company in 2020, get on with it
  3. Private Equity is a very hard sale route for many agencies
  4. Now is a great time to do M&A because lots of aligned parties want things to do
  5. Good agencies have retained their value through the crisis
  6. Earn out deals now offer the biggest opportunity for agency owners who are bold enough to act

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Dom Hawes

Dom has spent nearly thirty years as a marketer starting his career in creative communications agencies before starting a business which he built it from the ground up and exited in 2009. He then consulted to tech and service companies before putting Selbey Anderson on the launch pad. Today, he leads development of the group strategy, M&A and performance.