If you can’t persuade, you can’t market or sell effectively

In this series of 60 minute ‘brainshares’, Tas Tasgal explains why understanding behaviour and emotion is always the key to persuasion and gives insight into how marketers can make communications more impactful.

About the event

The issue

B2B marketers are working to improve lead generation to feed sales pipelines that have been affected by Covid-19’s disruption of physical events. Most are seeking to use direct methods like email marketing and InMail.

The complication

The method and the media matter, but it’s the message that’s going to make marketing communications fly or falter. And… as marketers, we all know that customers don’t behave rationally, especially when external factors like a pandemic are skewing the norm.

So, how do you make your message more meaningful to your market?

The Solution

Selbey Anderson has asked Anthony ‘Tas’ Tasgal, a trainer for the CIM, MRS IOIC and the Civil Service college and brand and comms planner, to help it address this question in a progressive series of six behavioural economics brainshares.

No-one has all the answers, but Tas’s work in Behavioural Economics, storytelling and insightment may fire your creativity and give you ideas for the future.

Over six weeks this invitation-only event, targeted exclusively at marketing and communications directors, seeks to answer the three big questions marketing and comms pros are facing right now.

  1. How can marketing directors embrace behavioural economics to stand out and build new relationships through ‘salient differentiation’?
  2. How can we create new, relevant marketing strategies that have a direct impact on the business?
  3. How can we use an understanding of what drives human behaviour to be more relevant to our customers?

The Event Series

Session 1: 16th October 2.30pm
Introduction – Cutting through “attention spam” & having a Point of View

Session 2: 23rd October 2.30pm
Behavioural Economics I: why emotion is key to persuasion

Session 3: 30th October 2.30pm
Creating “Insightment”- surprise yourself and your audience

Session 4: 13th November 2.30pm
Behavioural Economics II: The Art of Re-framing

Session 5: 20th November 2.30pm
Brand Storytelling: moving beyond messaging

Session 6: 27th November 2.30pm
Behavioural Economics III: priming, anchoring and heuristics

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Who is the series for?

  • Senior executives seeking to influence weary and messaged-out customers
  • Marketers seeking to sharpen their agencies’ efforts to make you stand out from the rest
  • Marketers seeking to generate high-quality, low-waste leads

Your Brainshare Panellists

Speaker: Tas Tasgal

Tas is the author of the award-winning books The Storytelling Book, The Inspiratorium and most recently, “InCitations”.

Tas is a Man of Many Lanyards. He is a trainer, author, speaker, brand/comms strategist and lecturer.

He is a Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Market Research Society, the Institute of Internal Communication and the Civil Service college, and a principal advisor for CIO Connect in Hong Kong, running courses on Storytelling, Behavioural Economics, Insightment and Creative Briefing in the UK, US, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and UAE.

He is a global speaker (and is represented by Celebrity Speakers), and also regularly contributes on marketing and communications subjects to the James Max show on TalkRADIO.

Host: Dom Hawes
CEO Selbey Anderson

Ep6 Q&A Panel: Dafina Grapci-Penney
MD, Greentarget

Ep6 Q&A Panel: Jeff Watt
MD, Greentarget

Ep5 Q&A Panel: Russ Powell
MD & Founder, Sharper B2B Marketing

Ep4 Q&A Panel: Sophy Norris
Director, Flagship Consulting

Ep3 Q&A Panel: Julie Cheetham
Joint MD, BURN

Ep2 Q&A Panel: Gerry Hopkinson
CEO & Founder, Unity

Ep1 Q&A Panel: Mark Pinnes
MD Flagship Consulting

Key Takeaways

  1. You will see emotion’s importance in B2B marketing in a new light and learn how to influence them to create distinctiveness and cut-through by using surprise.
  2. People rarely behave as they ‘should’ or as they claim they do. Behavioural Economics offers a plethora of insights into how people actually make decisions.
  3. There are two systems in the brain that we need to understand to market successfully. Are you only talking to the rational, conscious System 2 when you should be addressing unconscious, unpredictable and emotional System 1?
  4. Numbers numb us, but stories stir us. Understand why telling your story is one powerful way to create empathy with your target audience.
  5. Why re-framing is so potent. How you can change the positioning/frame of your offering to change how you’re perceived.
  6. Whether your users are Maximisers – who always make the best possible decision – or Satisficers – who only want what is good enough?
  7. Why data only gets you so far. Information is to be collected, but insight is to be connected. Understanding behaviour is more important than data if you want to influence.
  8. Learn how to apply the insights of priming, social norms, heuristics [mental shortcuts] and re-framing.

Register for one or any number of episodes