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B2B Marketing Agency

Sharper B2B Marketing is focused on enhancing the impact of B2B marketing for clients across the technology sector. Sharper brings client side experience to a modern agency and is ready to take on today’s challenges… and the big boys.


Sharper has been built on the fundamental belief that B2B marketing succeeds when big ideas and creative thought come together.

This combination creates impactful B2B strategies and campaigns that demonstrate the value of marketing departments everywhere. Sharper focuses on the people, not the corporation, and delivers work that makes clients famous, driving greater revenue and commercial success.


With brand-side experience across the entire B2B spectrum, Sharper supports clients across the four key pillars of B2B marketing.

Whether it’s marketing brain power, demand generation campaigns, lead generation campaigns or big deal support, Sharper delivers greater B2B marketing value at every stage of the sales funnel. This end-to-end support sets Sharper apart from the rest.


Sharper’s founding team has created a fresh, modern B2B agency in their image. With extensive client-side experience at some of the most high profile technology companies in the world, Sharper’s staff clarify the complex world of B2B marketing.

Sharper is building a team of people who bring a human (and humorous) approach to B2B marketing – communicating to decision-makers, not their job titles.


MARKETING BRAIN POWERSharper B2B works with you to define and baseline marketing activity, establishing a clear idea of what good looks like (tied back to defined metrics and KPIs as well as alignment to brand purpose), who the ideal customer is, and what you need to say to them to get them engaged.
LEAD GENERATIONSharper B2B creates the campaigns that activate sales opportunities for you and deliver the quality leads you need to fill your pipeline.
DEMAND GENERATIONSharper B2B makes sure the right people know who you are, see the value in what you do and then actually want to work with you.
BIG DEAL SUPPORTSharper B2B helps you to create a coherent bidding strategy, approaching the bid as a stand-alone campaign to deliver distinctive, desirable bid responses and supporting materials (within the parameters of the bid process, obviously) that will wow decision makers.

Agency Management

Russ Powell: Managing Director

Russ is Sharper B2B’s marketing heavy-weight and Founder/MD. e’s a career marketer, having spent a decade or more client-side for some tech brands you will have definitely heard of and plenty you won’t. Russ created Sharper to overcome frustrations he’d felt whilst client-side; lack of creativity, undervalued marketing functions, and weak commercial awareness. He’s fixing what’s broken, one client at a time.

Non-executive directors and advisors

Dom Hawes-Fairley: Director

Dom leads group development at Selbey Anderson and has been in the marketing business for over 25 years. He started his professional career after serving six years in the British Army and spent his early career in agency before moving in-house and into general management.

Simon Quarendon: Director

As Group COO, Simon brings a wealth of agency experience specialising in the communications, PR and technology sectors. With some of the world’s largest brands as former clients, Simon has built and managed global agency teams over 30 years. He is involved with each of the agencies and supports their leadership teams to deliver what he refers to as his ‘Agency Holy Trinity’: account planning, creativity and client relations.